Friday, February 6, 2009

Labar Timun Tua

Old Cucumber Labar

Prepared By : Mdm Lekai S.
Photo By : Sumuk

The Chinese called this mature cucumber as Lao Wang Kwa and it is very nutriscious vegetable. Normally it is used to made soup as an old cucumber produce slightly sourish taste.

We Bidayuh in Sarawak normally made this into labar. Labar is actually a type of salad where you mixed your 'ulam' together with Sambal Belacan.

Sambal Belachan
1 no. old yellow cucumber
a pinch of salt
half cup of water

1. Cut open the cucumber. Scrap out and disposed off the seed using a spoon.
2. Scrap the inner of the cucumber white flesh into 3-5mm length.
3. Mixed with your sambal belachan
4. Add salt and water and mixed well.

This food is really great to be eaten on its own or with hot rice during lunch! Make sure it's really spicy :D


princessren said...

itih mok timun the muda noh lagi paguh... muaaaa.. sidik manah geh pinguman di blog itih .. hehehe.. weh i featured this blog on my site. check it out beb...

Nimi Momo said...

ha.. uc this timun tua ada character yg tersendiri. last time masa kecik aku pun sik suka gilak timun tua, i prefer muda. tapi lama kelamaan i get use to my mother's tastebud. timun muda makes a good ambal, but timun tua can really produce such a unique taste as amba;.

btw thanks for the feature post. Im very honored :)

Teaching with Technology said...

Hi thanks for poosting this