Friday, October 19, 2018

Fried Leftover Barbeque Pork

We all love barbeque food. But there might be times we were left with lots of leftover the next day. When reheated, sometimes the meat can be quite tough or dry.

To avoid dry meat and ensure there is no wastage, below is what we normally do. It will become juicier, and is guaranteed that the dish shall be finished up in no time.

Meat (pork, chicken, lamb, sausages) - cut into bite size
Garlic - smashed
Onion - sliced
Black soy sauce - either salty OR sweet
Sugar or salt to taste
Cooking oil

1. Heat up cooking oil. Saute garlic and onion
2. Add the meat. Stir until the oil came out naturally from the meat, or the meat is slightly charred
3. Add in soy sauce
4. Add in sugar OR salt to taste. Stir until caramelized.

Serve hot. Enjoy your meal!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Recipe Book by SIDS - Sarawak Kitchen - Indigenous Flavours

A recipe book which was exclusively produced by Sarakup Indu Dayak Sarawak (SIDS) is finally released and available to the public. Grab a copy now!

The book titled Sarawak Kitchen- Indigenous Flavours is printed in hardcover (RM99) and softcover (RM69). The 74-pages book contained 75 authentic indigenous recipes (especially Iban group) and are categorised into rice dishes, meat, fish & seafood, vegetables etc. The recipes are simple and easy to be followed, with corresponding delicious looking food pictures that depicts the actual ingredient listed. If you are interested to obtain the book, the contact info as per following;

SIDS HQ (Kuching) - +6082-454 525
Shirley Limban - +6013-808 4844


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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sambal Serai Bidayuh

Samal Sorai (Lemongrass Sambal)

Sambal Serai Bidayuh

This dish is typical to the Bidayuh ethnic. Lemongrass are easily available as it is kind of a must herb to be planted at the house compound. Since lemongrass is pretty fibrous, it is cut finely before being pounded further. This dish is very aromatic and nice to be eaten with hot plain rice.

Ingredient :
6 lemongrass stalk
small handful of anchovies
3 cloves Garlic
3 nos Shallot
Chillies - quantity depended on your spice tolerance level
Thumbsize belacan (shrimp paste)

Method :
1. Cut lemongrass finely and pound using pestle and mortar
2. Pound anchovies
3. Pound garlic, shallot, chillies and belacan together
4. Heat up cooking oil. Stir fried the anchovies until crispy.
5. Add in garlic, shallot, chillies and belacan mixture. Saute until fragrant.
6. Add in lemongrass. Add salt to taste. Stir frequently and let it cook until golden.
7. Serve immediately. Can be keep well

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Aye' Pulut (Pulut Goreng)

Glutinous Rice Fritters

Aye' Pulut (Pulut Goreng)

This fritters is very well known within the Orang Ulu community. I saw this fritters sold at a popular Orang Ulu's restaurant in Miri but I never tried it. I got the recipe and method from my Kelabit ex-colleague. Its very simple to be made and since I like glutinous rice in any form of cooking, I took to it naturally. The fritters is crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside.

Ingredient :
(Serves 4 pax)
1 cup of glutinous rice (soak for few hours until brittle)
1/4 cup of sugar or less
Few tablespoons of water
Cooking oil for deep frying

Method :
1. Toss the glutinous rice and let it dry enough. You can use pestle & mortar, dry miller or food processor to make glutinous rice flour. Although it is not necessary to sieve,  I preferred to do so to ensure consistency (good mixture of fine and slightly coarse flour).
2. Mix in the sugar and toss evenly.
3. Add in few tablespoons of water and mix slowly to form a dough. Add in few more drop until it can be moulded.
4. Deep fry in medium low heat. Turn it over frequently to ensure even coloration

To replace glutinous rice, one can use a mixture of glutinous rice flour and rice flour with a ratio of 4:1.

Recipe guide as advised by : Mdm Alvina ULB

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cili Hijau Goreng ang Pusuk

Fried Green Chillies with Anchovies

When I first came to Miri, I was very surprised to find that the young chillies (green chillies) were being treated as vegetables dish, and not as a heat element, condiment or garnish. It can be found at the tamu, ready-cut a longish-side and sold at RM2 per plate. I had an excess of big chillies that I planted at my backyard last month, so I harvest them young and made this.

This dish is very common among the Orang Ulu's, and can be found at their restaurants around Miri. This is a 3-ingredient dish that is so easy to be made, can be whipped out anytime.

Cooking Oil
Green Chillies (mild type preferred)

Method :
1. Wash anchovies and drain.
2. Cut onion and green chillies. In my photo I cut it short -sideways. Deseed if needed.
3. Heat up oil and fried anchovies until crispy. Put aside.
4. Using the same oil, saute onion until fragrant. Move to one side of the wok.
5. Add in chillies. Saute until fragrant and soften. Toss with onion evenly.
6. Turn off heat. Add the anchovies in the wok and toss lightly.
7. Serve.