About Us

Sarawak, which is situated in the eastern part of Malaysia and make-up almost one third of Borneo Island, is the home of many natives such as Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu etc. In the world of gastronomy, Sarawak is relatively unknown globally. And yet, lots of signature native cuisine such as Pansuh and Umai, appearing more and more, thanks to the Internet. Sarawak ethnic food is simple in technique, use mostly fresh ingredients from the lush jungle or from farming, and some can only be found in Sarawak.

As the more familiar Sarawak cuisine start appearing at the fine dining table including 5-star hotels, some of the less known food start to emerge in the market and being commercialized too. However, due to the new development and modern changing environment, some of the old traditional food along with an age-old technique is also almost forgotten.

It is in the hope of the author that by documenting the ethnic recipes here, Sarawak ethnic food shall become more appealing and give others a better understanding of the Sarawak Natives, gastronomically speaking.

About The Author

Nimi (screen name) is originally came from Bau, Sarawak. She used to make KL/Selangor as a second home but now is currently residing in Miri town, Sarawak. Both her parents are Bidayuh. She is a wife to her wonderful husband and the mother to her 2 beautiful daughters. Although she is busy with full time day job, food is one subject that she is very passionate about. She had put aside some of her spare time maintaining this website on her own and compiling as many Sarawak traditional food that she could. She hopes that this website can be a good reference and useful for anybody who are very interested in getting to know about Sarawak, and it's variety of food specifically.