Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ayam Masak Kacang Ma

Chicken Kacang Ma (Ka Ciam Ma)

Prepared By : Sumuk
Photo By : Sumuk

This is not exactly a local exotic food, but it is believed to be of Hakka origin and very unique to Sarawak identity.

Kacang ma is a type of herb and normally consumed during confinement. Kacang ma is very aromatic, bitter and need an acquired taste. I used to hate it when I was little, as I couldn't appreciate the taste of alcohol and its bitterness. However, being absent from home for a long time means I start to miss my mom's cooking that I used to take for granted. Also, lately my cooking and 'tasting' skill has improved tremendously and I am able to modify some cooking based on my own preference.

1. Chicken
2. Half packet (50mg) of Kacang ma (can be found at supermarket in Sarawak)
3. Young ginger
4. Garlic and shallot if you like
5. Salt
6. White wine (I prefer rice wine/tuak as it has sweet taste)
7. Cooking oil for frying
8. Water

1. Dry fry the kacang ma on moderate fire for 1/2 min or when it slightly yellowish.
2. Grind/pound the fried kacang ma finely.
3. Pound garlic, shallot and ginger together.
4. Saute the ginger mixture until fragrant on full fire.
5. Add chicken. Stir for a minute than add kacang ma.
6. Add water. Amount depending whether you want it slightly soupy or dry.
7. Add salt and a dash of white wine.
8. Reduce fire. Cover for two minutes. Open cover and stir once in a while.
9. Reduce fire to smallest and dash a liberal amount of white wine or as required.
10. Stir evenly.

And it's done. It's great eaten hot or cold on it's own or with rice, and I can assure you my version above is not bitter at all!


PCLicious Video Tutorials said...

Whoosh!! That looks delicious!! I want to experience more different cuisine like this but I have to drive miles and miles to experience it LOL, keep up the great cooking and building your cooking skill :D I love cooking as well :)

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mirl_me said...

nyaman eh

Del Glamiva said...

I wish it's sold here in sabah...

momma said...

where to find it in semenanjung?

Nimi said...

if talking abt this dish, since it's not famous in semenanjung, not many sarawkian stall operator willing to sell it. the herbs itself i don't think u can find it except in sarawak..

Teresa Sandum said...

Thanks for the recipe :) I can't find the herb anywhere in any asian store here in Australia. So, I have asked my dad to bring it for me when he came to visit me in Newcastle for my engagement party. Future in-laws really like it especially because it smells ginger-ish. Was craving for it so badly before my dad got the herbs for me. lol!

Nimi said...

hi teresa,
i had a bad time at work today, but receiving your comments (in my inbox) really brighten up my day! thank you. hope the recipe works for you, and pls come back again to check on new recipe :D

Anonymous said...

i prefer use langkau sumai then tuak. may be because i don't like the sweet taste. i prefer the strong taste.

Nimi said...


Langkau is pretty strong, for me i may get drunk first before finish the meal lol!

as long as it is alcohol, it should be ok. Normally the ladies prefer sweeter wine. I think langkau shall be too strong for a women in confinement tho..

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry,but let me say something over here.I used to cook kacang-ma very often and for women who are in confinement.My recipes are different from yours,taken from my mother in law.An original kacang-ma don't need salt,shallots,garlic and only requires more ginger and not so much white wine.The tastes of the ginger is the greatest especially for confinement.If water were to be added and less ginger it will only taste like water.When you want to make the kacang-ma hot again,just double-boil it to prevent the soup getting dry.

Nimi said...

Thanks anonymous. As I mentioned, I have already modified the style of cooking to my own preference. There is no hard or fast rule in cooking I believe. My mother in law cooked the way you do when I was in my confinement, but I cooked it this way during normal days, and my husbands prefer the soupy type which I don't prefer. These are the styles which are not specifically for confinement. Not everyone enjoy the confinement-version, trust me haha. But thanks for the tips, I'm sure other reader appreciate it too :D

Anonymous said...

try cook other meats with kacangma. sure ummph.

Nimi said...

Sure, we also use pork to replace chicken by using pork rib or the lean meat. It is so much better than chicken!

Anonymous said...

Ada ba d servay penampang