Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tipu/Tepus Masak Belachan

Fried Tipu/Tepus with Belachan

Tipu (pronounce as tipuk) or tepus gives a very unique identity to Sarawak indigenous food. The shoot of tipu gave out a very aromatic fragrance. However for one who are not trained, it smells like a pungent insect. This tipu reminds me of Bunga Kantan, eventhough the smells is not really similar.

Other review by a fellow blogger regarding this very unique edible shoot can be found in Headsteadi's blog. He has made reference to tipu with scientific name as Coctus Speciosus, but I thought the closer one would be Achasma Coccineum.

Tipu can be found in most market in Sarawak. In the picture above, tipu in a white middle sack in Bau Market.

Edible tipu shoot.

There are many ways to cook this shoot. Normally it is used to enhance the flavor of cooking e.g soups, fried vegetables or Ground Tapioca leave.

Below is the recipe for a Tipu Masak Belacan (Fried Tipu with Belachan)

1. Tipu shoot.
2. Cooking base
3. Cooking oil for saute
4. 2 cups of water

1. Pound garlic roughly. Slice the shallot finely.
2. Mix salt, belacan and 2 spoon of water together.
3. Pound the shoot roughly and cut it into 50mm length.
4. Saute garlic, shallot and anchovies until fragrant.
5. Stir fried the tipu shoot.
6. Add belacan mixture.
7. Add the water.
8. Cook for about 10min until soften.


Cikgoo Jasz said...

Nyam2x. Ur article reminds me about the other way to enjoy tepus. Last time while i was a student in UMS the Kadazan loves to eat it jeruk style known as tuhau.


Lime or vinegar

How to Make

Mix all freshly and leve it at least for 1 night before u ngap it

Nimi Momo said...

That sounds easy to me. Maybe I can try it one day.. ala2 umai ada juak..

journey adventure said...

i guess you graduated in forestry or pertanian. right

Nimi Momo said...


it's far from that actually.
hmm.. google makes me look good eh?.. ;)

Coffee Girl said...

Sedap!! My fav! some people r driven away by the smell, some r drawn closer. Masak rebung nyaman juak, masak daun ubi, sup tempoyak ikan sultan dan tepus, apuh.......... *slurp*

Pas dah ko dayung.

Nimi Momo said...

apuhhh dayung.. jgn main syakap saja. ada yg kempunan kelak. pas pas!

princessren said...

aduh okuk jobong yakk mann tipukk samal biinggg.. huhuh

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