Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sago Cooking

Sago or sagu palm, which falls under Metroxylon species, can be found scattered among Sabah and Sarawak swamp. Sago palm can be processed to produce sago flour, which used to be Melanau ethnic staple food. Sago flour is commercially used as food starch and biscuit (tebaloi).Worms (ulat mulong) that infested sago dead trunk is their main source of protein.

Sago flour is normally eaten in the form of Sagu linut, a glue-like sago flour added with hot water. However, one of my favourite past time is my mother's fried sago flour.

The sago flour in the picture above is the last of the two packets that I ordered from my Sabahan sister-in-law. I found that Sabah sago flour is fresher and sweet smelling compare to the one we bought in Bau/Kuching town, which is factory-made. I finished the first pack by doing few trial-and-error of my my mom's style, but I had to give up and called my mom before I waste it all :D

I am keeping this last packet until the day I couldn't ignore my craving. Saving the best for last!


Coffee Girl said...

Ney gambar experiment u ney? hehe.
My mom also know how to fry sago flour, sampai ala2 crispy and kering2 sikit. me... selalu tak jadi, otherwise not as nyaman as when my mom do it. looks like this skill will probably go down with the elder generation.

Nimi Momo said...

Not as yet my dear. My kitchen sik berasap for almost 3 weeks, maklumla bukan housewife :D