Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kedondong Goreng Belacan

Grated Hog Plum Belachan Fried

Kendondong, or Hog Plum (Scientific name : Spondias dulcis) can easily be found at every part of Malaysia. We used to have a giant hog plum tree at the back of the house. The fruits was available all year round, and can be eaten unripe on ripe, made into rojak or added to cooking.

Interestingly, I have eaten this particular hog plum belachan fried only once in my life, when I was about 10 years old. I was visiting a friend when her father was cooking this and invited me to join them for lunch. It was so aromatic, delicious with its own unique flavor that the memory stuck on my mind all my life. The craving for this dish was intensified when I was in the midst of my pregnancy, and somehow after 20 years later, I finally able to taste it again and I savored it with vengeance.

This dish is quite simple, but the only troublesome part is to grate it. But I'll assure you that this is one food that definitely worth all the trouble.

Hog Plum (3 big size produce 1 small bowl)
Bird eye chillies
A pinch of salt to taste
A pinch of sugar to taste
Dried prawn/anchovies
A bit of cooking oil
1 tsp water (optional)

1. Peel, clean and grate the hog plum.
2. Pound the prawn/anchovies coarsely.
3. Mix belachan, chillies.
4. Heat cooking oil in wok.
5. Once hot, fried the dried prawn/anchovies briefly followed by grated hog plum with medium fire.
6. Add in the belachan mix.
7. Add salt and sugar to taste.
8. Add water if too dry.
9. Serve.


Coffee Girl said...

My mouth is watering! Help! nak juak! huhu. tok gerenti membuat apa yg diidam dapat segera. Haha

Btw, thank you for enlightening me: i didnt know kedondong is Hog Plum in English (Hog?? really aa?? LOL)

Nimi said...

hihi, it is hog, i thot the same as u initially too. I didn't know abt it too until i google it. But i think a more commercial name would be Ambra, u can find ambra juice in some shop here.

gus said...

Yay, now I know ambra is actually kedondong. Hehe, my friend just love kedondong juice. And he like to pronounce it kedong~dong.

Besides that, my mouth is flooding!

elliecleffairy said...
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Rachel Dill Boyer said...

Grateful for sharing thhis