Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ulat Mulong Goreng

Stir fried Sago Worm

Honestly, I don’t really eat sago worm (ulat mulong) although I’ve tried it before. I’m a bit put off by the sago/mud smell and it’s fat. The only thing I enjoyed about this sago worm is digging it out from a rotten sago trunk, and see it wriggle in my hand.

However, sago worm is very nutritious food (fatty and lots of carbo). If you ever come across it during your visit in Sarawak, do not miss the chance to try it, at least once in your life. It won’t kill you, I promise. At least you have something to brag about to your friends one day. It can be eaten raw (alive), grill (like satay), or cooked stir-fried.

Here’s the recipe for simple stir fried sago worm.

Sago worm (alive)
Cooking oil-just enough to saute
Bird’s Eye Chillies
Salt to taste

Soy Sauce (Kicap Masin)

Method :
1. Pound anchovies, garlic, ginger and bird eye’s chillies separately (coarse).
2. Saute pounded items above until fragrant.
3. Saute onion next.
4. Stir-fried the sago worm briefly, enough to make it stop squirming by the heat.
5. Add a pinch of salt. Add soy sauce if you want.
6. Serve.


Jay said...

great taste... masa kecil selalu cari ini binatang..

Nimi said...

Hehe, they are very cute right?

Coffee Girl said...

omg... i almost puked in my coffeecup! phew... Ok so i tried this when i was a kid (who knew nothing better), so i can brag too, but ive outgrown the desire and therefore wash my hands of all wriggly fat edible things. no offense.

Nimi said...

hehe... non taken..

Nicole's Mirror said...

Hi.. i was wondering if i can get this in kl? lol or in west malaysia? :( I tried looking for it every time i go back to sarawak.. but no one is selling.