Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Terung Burung Pipit & Pucuk Ubi Masak Belacan

Pea / Cherry Eggplant
Terung burung pipit, or 'cherry or pea eggplant' (Solanum torvum), can be very commonly found in Malaysia. Its bitter in taste, thus it is one of the unpopular eggplant in the Solanaceae famili (source :

Most of the time we consumed it as an ulam (par-boiled) but I have seen it being used in Thai green curry at local Thai's restaurant.

For this time, I have cooked the pea eggplant by stir-frying it with 'pucuk ubi' in belachan. The key to reducing the bitterness is by cooking it until the skin slightly crooked.   

Cooking base
Pea Eggplant
Pucuk ubi (tapioca young shoot) - squeezed
A bit of oil for saute
MSG (optional)

1. Heat up oil and saute pea eggplant until the color change and the skin just about to be crooked
2. The add-on cooking base and stir until fragrant
3. Add-on pucuk ubi and stir until mixed well.
4. Add a bit of water.
5. Season with salt and/or MSG.
6. Serve.


Coffee Girl said...

Is my old time favorite! So easy to make it too! :-)

Nimi said...

Hey.. how come i miss ur comment here? Hehe.. tak pahit kah yung? Not many like terung pipit cos bitter...