Friday, October 25, 2013

Sambal Tumis Cili Hijau Kelabit

Green Chilli Sambal ala Kelabit 

I first tasted this Sambal Tumis Cili Hijau at a famous Kelabit food stall in Miri town. It was taken as a side condiment, but this simple sambal tumis by itself is really outstanding and truly tantalized the taste bud. I do not know the exact recipe but based on my own observation and also some prodding to my Kelabit colleague, this is my take on the ingredients and it tasted exact although the original I had was slightly oily because of 'pecah minyak'. If you can achieve this, it will be much lovelier in my opinion.

1. Cili Hijau - green chillies (use mild species)  - 250gm
2. Dried anchovies - 100gm
3. Onion small size - 1
4. Garlic - 2 cloves

5. Salt & sugar to taste
6. Cooking oil

1. Pound or processed using food processor the chillies, dried anchovies, onion and garlic together.
2.  Heat up cooking oil. On medium fire, saute the mixed ingredient until fragrant
3. Season with salt and sugar

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