Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nasik Aruk (Nasi Goreng)

Sarawak Fried Rice

This shall be the first Malay cooking that will be included in Sarawak Ethnic Food. Nasik Aruk or simply nasi goreng (fried rice) of Sarawak version is very basic and simple. However, as it is the version of fried rice that we have known since we were very young, we are very fond of this fried rice as it always reminds us of moms who prepared it for us to bring to school. This fried rice is also can be commonly found at Malay coffee shop and food stalls.

Basic Ingredient:

1. Leftover Rice
2. Dried anchovies
3. Garlic
4. Salt
5. 2 tbsp cooking oil

Additional ingredient:
6. 1 Bird eye's chili
7. 1 Egg
8. Half Onion
9. A dash of white pepper


1. Heat up cooking oil. Fried anchovies until crispy. Set aside
2. Saute garlic until fragrant. Mix the egg and stir until cooked.
3. On high fire, add-in the rice. Stir. Add in salt, then onion.
4. Keep stirring and let rest alternately until you achieve a slightly smokey burnt smell.
5. Add the bird-eye chili and white pepper last, then gave a final stir.
6. Serve.

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