Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pig Maw/Stomach in Chili & Pineapple

Perut Babi Masak Cili & Nenas

This dish is one of the more elaborate cooking for the Dayak, normally can be found during Gawai festival. The ingredient is simple and easily available, but the cooking time can take about 3 hours including of pre-boiling the chewy parts. It's very tasty, that is, if you can stomach it. Not everyone have the penchant for eating the internal organs of the animal/poultry. But once you get to taste this, you'll never look at eating organs other than the meat, ever the same anymore.

1/2 whole garlic
5 shallots
1 cm ginger
2 cm cube shrimp paste (belacan) - optional
1 table spoon tamarind paste
3 table spoon Maggi Chili sauce
2 table spoon Maggi Tomato sauce
Dried chillies, de-seeded and soaked - 10 for paste, 3 for garnish
500gm Sarawak pineapple, almost ripe
500gm pig maw/stomach (clean with lime, then boil until soft enough to chew)
Salt & Sugar to taste
1/4 cup cooking oil

1. Garlic and shallot to be pound separately.
2. Chillies to be pounded/blended until smooth paste.
3. Heat up cooking oil. Saute garlic and shallot until fragrant.
4. Stir in chili paste. Reduce fire, then add in chili and tomato sauce and shrimp paste.
5. When the sauces start to boil up, increase fire and add in the pig maw/stomach. Stir evenly. Add a cup of water if necessary. Cover for 15minutes.
6. When the water dried up, add in the pineapple. Stir evenly, then cover. Reduce fire to medium, and stir once in a while within 15 minutes. It's cooked when the pineapple is soften and the juice came out. Add in the chili garnish.
7. Season with salt and sugar. Suit to required dryness.

Best serve with hot white rice.

Note : Pig intestine can be used for this dish.


Lvynana said...

Kibak ku nang masakan bisina leh tih neh.

Nimi said...

bah. mok salah tiak tih neh. haha. pak ku check recipe de bokon, mmg samah geh pakai nanas duoh sos, pak doi pakai dry chili. basic sos tih lobih ke sambal tumis kirieng (pajeri). kirieng ogi masak sambal tumis nenas masak perut (lembu). negara de bokon (e.g filipine, khmer pun ogi geh masak pakai nanas) so kira tih fusion kuikui.. senang cerita ku nang tih asian cooking leh lol!

lvynana said...

haha, doik hal, yg penting mmg sodap.

Coffee Girl said...

aih sidi! sidi! tapi ku man pineapple jak lah sebab ku doh pandei man kayuh nok... hihi. mami ku pandei.

Nimi said...

lvy : aok hahaha!!

Coffee Girl: Duh....... you miss the most important part babe..

Cyril Dason said...

One of my fav.. Hungry lah see this. Ur husband is one lucky dude!!

Toin oyuok duoh nenas sluuurrrppp!!

Nimi said...

kita geng! if my mom cook this it taste like heaven!

Stephanie said...

Hi Nimi,

I would like to ask regarding the "Perut babi masak cili & nenas". Apart from using the 'perut babi' can we use something else like chicken?

Nimi said...

Hi Stephanie,
The problem with using chicken for this reduction type of cooking is that, chicken meat will disintegrate, unless you deep-fry it before hand like ayam masak merah. you can try it though and let me know what is the outcome.