Monday, August 8, 2011

Sup Ponas Bidayuh

Sup Ponas

Looks can be deceiving. Never under estimate how potent this simple plain-looking soup can be.

The first time I heard about this soup, I was wondering so much how it tasted like. I have no idea at all what was the ingredient and how it looks like, but this soup kept coming up in conversations among my Bidayuh friends whenever we talked about Bidayuh traditional foods.

So I asked for the recipe from a good friend, Anya, and she gladly shared it with me. One look at the recipe, I thought it looks pretty familiar, and I can literally tasted and smell it already just by reading it.

And true enough, when all the ingredient came together in the pot, one memory struck in my mind. It brought me back to the time when I was about 7 years old, I had joined a group of much older ladies who happened to have 'man bijo' (which means cookout in Bidayuh), and it was the first time I had this dish. It was spicy, and the aroma from the lemongrass was heavenly. It was so delicious!! I never forget that wonderful memory..

It was pretty similar to the soup I used for my Sup Sago (Linut/Ambuyat), with the exception that I used additional tempoyak (fermented durian) in that dish.

2 cloves of garlic
2 stalk of lemongrass
Sambal belacan
(The chillies to put as much as you can tolerate)
Salt to taste
1 cup of grated tapioca/cassava

Optional Ingredient:
Fermented Durian (Tempoyak)

Tapioca Root

Grated Tapioca

1. Saute garlic until fragrant.
2. Add in water. Don't forget to lower down your temperature since the pot is very hot, before pouring in the water. Then raise the gas to high to boil the water.
3. Add in lemongrass and sambal belacan. Add in salt.
4. Then add in the grated tapioca bit by bit until the tapioca turn transparent and to required consistency.
5. Serve hot. Enjoy!


Admin said...

This is good soup that my granpa used to make long time ago...but i have no idea how he did it. I would to taste it again if there is some bidayuh kopi tiam make this

Nimi said...

aah that must be a wonderful memory..

try do it yourself following this recipe, it's very simple. hopefully with this recipe, our next generation will remember us like how we remember our elders..

Coffee Girl said...

Sidi! sidi! i never tried this with grated tapioca tho... just tempoyak

Nimi said...

okon dayung.. grated tapioca bring it to the next level :D

Coffee Girl said...

yes, makes it more sticky isn't it. mesti sedap tuuu. thanks for the idea!

-wInnIe- said...

adoh, nyam sidik eh bih. meliur ku natong ponas nai tuak ku~

Anonymous said...

1st time try make it on a rainy day. Quite nice. Thanks for the recipe

Salad Pins said...

Lovely blog yyou have