Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hunter's Food Website New Facelift & Domain Name

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to Hunter's Food Website! Yes, it is us, with a new facelift!

As you may have noticed, Hunter's Food have not just having a fresh new outlook, we also have move the domain from Blogger Blogspot to it's very own domain. That is a big milestone for this site since we started at the end of 2008. There might be some minor tweaking at this site for a month or so, but it should not interrupt any of the pages in this site.

At the same time, we have dropped the Hunter's Food From The Hut tagline, and will instead use Sarawak Ethnics Cuisine as the new tagline, because that is what this site is about!

Hopefully you love this new changes, and will come back again very soon because we have line up a couple of Bidayuh's traditional delicacies that is not very known and look harmless and innocent, and yet very potent!

See you!

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Good luck!