Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuak Nasi

Rice Wine

I believe among all the recipes that I posted here, this is the most awaited ethnic recipe. As the recipe and the method of doing rice wine is considered as part of a tradition and tightly guarded secret, I have to apologize in advance that eventhough the ingredients and method posted here are correct, I am not able to inform the amount used as it is what determine a successful and delicious rice wine. I have to do this upon request from the person who gave this info to me. You may find a complete recipe somewhere else and the procedure may look simple, but bear in mind that rice wine making is a very delicate and difficult process, it can take years to master. Not only that, a lot of taboos (pantang) have to be observed in order to produce the perfect rice wine.

Dry powder compacted yeast (ragi). -Use 2 types. One flat, one round (or just use the flat type)
Rice (here we used glutinous rice)
Coarse Sugar
Ginger (to swab on the container before use)

Optional :
Whisky – to add more power. Man’s rice wine normally will add this. Women’s rice wine is normally sweater.

1. Pound yeast finely.
2. Soak rice overnight. Cook it as usual. When it is cool, mix with the yeast thoroughly.
3. Keep in an airtight container. Put clean white cloth on top before closing the lid for proper fermentation process.
4. After 2-3 days, check and stir. Close again.
5. After a week or so, cook sugar with water, then pour in the container.
6. After a month, check for the taste. Adjust ingredient if necessary.
7. Strain and keep the wine in a bottle. The remaining fine sediment will go down eventually. Refilter if necessary.

1. If it turns sour, add more cooked sugar.
2. If it turns bland, add more yeast.
3. Uncoloured container or a ceramic storage (tempayan seramik) is best.
4. Keep container in a cool, dark place.
5. Store wine preferably in a glass bottle. Plastic bottle can react to the chemical process in a wine.
6. The older the wine, the better it taste.

1. Try not to talk/making too much noise while doing the whole process.
2. Do not telecast to everyone you are making one.
3. Process rice wine when you are emotionally stable.
4. Will add more in the future!


Ezvina said...

tuak tobuh and tuak epal lagik.

Nimi said...

Fuh.. mun juak ada rezeki.. klak2 carik..

Coffee Girl said...

my neighbour makes tuak from nanas. macam2 ada ...

thanks for the info. i feel briefly educated while before i was completely ignorant. :-)

Nimi said...

nenas? wow itu sudah bagus! i wonder how it taste, im a big fan of nenas!

Coffee Girl said...

I wont know, tapi probably sama cam sirap nenas yg dah ala2 basi kot. kan acid dia tinggi...