Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pekasam Ikan

English : Fermented Fish
Bidayuh : Kauk Ikien

This food is one of the most ancient food, and yet still can be found in many Bidayuh households in Borneo Sarawak nowadays. Pekasam Ikan, which went through a fermentation process using life bacteria, can last for a long time and can be eaten throughout the year. The freshwater fishes used were normally caught during monsoon season, and preserved in bulk for storage.

Ingredient :
Freshwater fishes (above using Ikan Lampan Jawa)
Pounded Rice
Yeast (sold in white thin round shape, can be found in most dry market within Sarawak)

Method :
1. Clean the fishes.
2. Add enough salt. Reduce excess water.
3. Pound the yeast finely. Coat the fishes with the rice yeast powder one by one, and preferably keep in a glass jar. Close the lid tightly.
4. The fermented fish is ready for consumption within 1 month onwards.


Jimbo™ said...

eh people from Bau called this Kauk right?
i know its freaking smelly but it tastes good.

SumukBabai said...

haha.. you got both right.. but Kauk is an acquired taste I believe.

Jimbo™ said...

Love your blog!
I love food, ecpecially food from my hometown. Damn i miss 'em so much!