Friday, June 12, 2009

Resepi Pansoh (Pansuh)

Manok (Ayam/Chicken) Pansuh

Here is the basic recipe for Pansoh (Pansuh).

Ingredient (Marinate) :
1. Meat (Chicken, catfish, pork)
2. Garlic (pounded rough)
3. Shallot (pounded fine)
4. Ginger (pounded)
5. Turmeric Leaves (cut abt 5-10mm width)
6. Lemongrass (pounded)
7. Salt
8. Cassava/Tapioca Leaves
9. Young bamboo

Optional Ingredient:
1. Turmeric stump
2. Tepus/tipuk
3. MSG
4. Fermented durian (tempoyak)
5. Black pepper
6. Bird's eye chillis
7. Young Galangal (sliced)
8. Daun Bungkang (pls see

Method :
1. Before using the bamboo, fill it with water for 1/2-1 hour to clean the inside, and encourage the water to seep in.
2. Marinate all Item 1-8 and Optional Ingredient together, leave some of tapioca leaves to cap the bamboo later on.
3. Emptied the water from the bamboo. Fill it with the marinated meat.
4. Don't compact all meat, let it loose lightly.
5. If you want pansuh soup, add in a cup of water.
6. Capped the bamboo with tapioca leaves.
7. Cook over pit fire-charcoal or log-bamboo stand abt 60-80 degree.
8. Pansuh is cooked if the water start to gurgle at the cap.
9. In case the pansuh is dry type, take note of color changes on the tapioca leaves to determine if it is cooked.
10. To serve, just transfer the meat into a plate.

Pork pansuh (pansoh)

Best taken with hot plain rice! Enjoy!

Tips : Add-on certain tapioca leaves to the marinate can produce bitter taste. Select tapioca leaves that will not have this effect.

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