Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Terung Kuning (Yellow Eggplant)

Common Name : African eggplant, terong asam, terong iban, aubergine gboma, anthora, antrua, Scarlet eggplant, Terong rapoh, Terong engkol, Terong kelapa, Aubergine d'Afrique, Sennari nasu, Berenjena, Melanzana petonciano, Afrikaanse aubergine, Antroewa
Scientific Name : Solanum macrocarpon
(Source : Tropilab Inc)

This is one of the most distinct Sarawakian vegetable. It is famously referred to as 'Tiyung Dayak'. It falls under the Solanaceae (eggplant) family. This eggplant however is different from the more recoqnised Indian Yellow Eggplant. It is sourish in taste, and take longer to cook than the normal eggplant.

This eggplant is good to be added in a soup as it added a very distinct sourish taste. It can be mixed with fish soup, chicken soup or even pork or boar soup.

However, the eggplant also can become the central dish and cook with belachan. It can be either grilled or blanched in boiling water until soft. The aroma and taste produced by yellow eggplant might need an acquired taste, but it is definitely will worth a try.


fonsusz said...

taste better than tomato/salted cabbage in pork soup.....jue: eggplant & brinjal consider benda yang sama kah?

Nimi Momo said...

tiki: eggplant=brinjal=aubergine=terung..
actually ada byk gik namanya.. tok ajak aku ingat :D

Ezvina said...

bah..oni meh jd tiyung masuom muk tih?

Cynthia said...

miss this vege so badly....

Nimi Momo said...

lvynana: sabar yoh.. aruo doi masa yok masak. tiak parik ningak neh!

Cynthia J: I know exactly how you feel :D

ongzi said...

Solanum macrocarpon
nama ilmiahnya