Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Warm Welcome from Head Hunters Hut

Hello Readers!

Welcome to Hunters Hut.

This blog is my personal effort in documenting the exotic food in the land of Sarawak, Borneo for public knowledge and for future reference.

Please note that some of the food might be offensive to others. However, in understanding others cultural background, beliefs and lifesytle, it is in good faith that this blog is in no way provoking any person in particular.

If you have any suggestion for Sarawak food to be featured here, kindly email me at sumukeyes@gmail[dot]com. Please state the origin of the food, the recipes, photos, and your name and contact details. Each contributor for the recipes and photos will be credited in this blog for their effort.

Hope you will enjoy it here.

Thank you and please come back in the future.


Ezvina said...

yum yum..

Nimi Momo said...

aih. lom ada gik makanan dihidang dah yum yum??

Coffee Girl said...

Hey! Bunyi macam ready nak jadi suri rumah jak tok! Hehe. Bolehlah bertukar recipe tok. tho i dont normally spend too much time in the kitchen. Malas...

Nimi Momo said...

the way to a man's heart is through our cooking *roll eyes*

i like cooking, but could only cook simple stuffs as I am busy to take the time to learn new/complicated recipes. luckily our traditional foods are normally quite easy to prepare.. ngkah bicin ngkah garam and belachan.. gerenti kaw!

Nicole's Mirror said...

I literally go through every single recipe u have. OMG this is happiness.. hahahaha.. I miss home :(