Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ikan Salai Masak Terung Asam

Smoked Fish in Sour Eggplant

This is one the simplest yet a heart-warming soup dish among the Dayaks. The aroma of the smoked fish is so homey and inviting, combine with the sourish soup produced by the sour eggplant. As the older generation of Dayak did not enjoyed the privilage of having a refrigerator, this dish can be whipped up any time as the ingredient are easily available throughout the day.

Terung Asam/Terung Dayak, which is very unique and only available in Sarawak

Ikan Salai (Smoked Fish)

1. Smoked Fish
2. Sour Eggplant (cut into 6. Seeded if preferred)
3. 2 stalk of Lemongrass
4. 1 litre Water
5. Salt for seasoning

Optional Ingredient:
1. Chicken Stock
2. 1 no. Assam Keping
3. 2 bird eye's chillies

1. Bring sour eggplant to boil in water. You may use chicken stock instead of water.
2. Once the sour eggplant slightly undercooked, add in the smoked fish and the lemongrass.
3. Add the assam keping and bird eye's chillies.
4. Once the sour eggplant's skin peel off, season the soup with salt to taste.
5. It's ready. Best served hot.


Coffee Girl said...

Yarabi sedap! Yum!

Nimi said...

that's the only way to describe it!