Thursday, October 22, 2009

Terung Hijau Goreng Belacan

Belachan-Fried Green Brinjal

During our stay at my aunt's place on Eid Day, she had given me full plastic bag of green brinjal. I have no idea how to cook it initially, as normally my mother only boil in until it's soften and eaten as ulam.

Using imagination, I tried using the same method as Terung Masak Belachan here. The results, my mom reallly love it! Eventhough cooked the same way, the taste, texture and aroma was totally different.

I did not take any photo cos we just couldn't wait :D. If you wish to know the recipe, pls see Terung dan Goreng Belacan recipe. This green eggplant however will take slightly longer frying time. You only need to ensure that it's really cooked and soft without overfrying. Instead of topping, you can mixed later on when you are frying sambal belachan.

Best eaten with lots and lots of piping hot rice!!

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jana stunners said...

Hi madam i want above photo brinjal seed name pls