Friday, May 1, 2009

Labar Nenas Sarawak

Sarawak Pineapple Salad with Sambal Belachan

This is a Bidayuh style fresh salad. This kind of pineapple preparation might need an acquired taste, but this food can become an addiction.

Preparation are pretty simple;

1. 1 Sarawak Pineapple - yet to ripen
2. Sambal Belacan
3. A pinch of salt
4. A splash of black soy sauce if you like

1. Sarawak pineapple can be replace with other pineapple if it is unavailable. It's the most recommended because the sweetness and sourness is quite balance.
2. Peel of the pineapple. Cut into small pieces (sizes up to personal preference).
3. Prepare sambal belachan. You can find the recipe here.
4. Mix all ingredient above evenly.
5. Mix a bit of water only if the pineapple could not produce the juice naturally.

This can be eaten by itself or with rice during lunch or dinner. This labar is preferably eaten at one seating.


One Other ... said...

OMG! sedapnya. if u hancurkan nenas ya to smaller bits, lagi senang telan2 jak. yummy! sama jak citarasa kita tok oo...

maybe next u can feature the sambal timun dayak.

Sumuk said...

Apuuu dara, lambat na crita :D

You can find it here:

One Other ... said...

Apuhhh!!! Benar ya... hahaha! guessi was too busy drooling over the food to check your previous posts. hehe. ok then, next feature the ambal kedondong ka, ambal mempelam ka... *slurp* dah.. lapar dah aku.

Sumuk said...

that night we did ambal nenas and ambal mempelam, but I didnt take the photo for ambal mempelam. Ambal kedondong? Warghhh.. mmg sepalak la kita kahkah.. i've been wanting to do it for so long, tapi sbb jarang pegi pasar borong, blom ada masa gik tok.. anyway, takut sekda org lain maok join aku makan skali di rumah.. kihkih..